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Lovely, beautiful, MARVELOUS ANESTHETIC!  I am so VERY grateful for anesthetic this morning!  Root Canals – or ANY dental work, for that matter – are just fine and dandy WITH anesthetic.  I NEVER EVER want to find out what they’re like without it!  I’ve been putting off this root canal for a while so the nerve was pretty inflamed.  They had to put in the really good stuff after the first two rounds of shots.  My face is so numb right now…nearly 3 hrs later.  I’m starting to get that itchy, tingly sensation in and around my ear and cheek so I think the wear off has begun.  I began to laugh during the treatment because the popular song, “I Can’t Feel My Face” came on.  My doctor said he had never had a patient laugh during a root canal.  :0)  I couldn’t help it!  It was funny!


The last root canal I had (this is my second) was back in 2007 by the same doctor.  I had forgotten about it until I came to the office and while talking to the receptionist a framed note caught my eye.

I thought, “Hmmm?  That writing looks familiar.  Wait!  That’s MY writing!  Oh, my gosh!  I remember writing this note!  I remember this doctor!  Wow!  Cool!  Oh, my gosh!”

My first root canal was done so well I had forgotten all about it! And the Thank You note to prove it is in a frame at reception!  Awesome!  We don’t always get to see the affect of a good deed, especially a simple note.  It IS nice to say THANKS and people DO appreciate it.


I’m gonna go take a nap now.  Life is BEAUTIFUL…with anesthetic!  ;0)

Love ~ Susiebloom


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