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Happy Father’s Day to all the marvelous men out there who make this world a better place by being kind, strong, supportive, loving, responsible, helpful, honest, and good.

Thank you! You are appreciated!


And, a special “shout out” to my own wonderful husband, John, my own dear dad, Tom, my father-in-law, George, step-dad, Ken, and Halvey, who has been my “other dad” so often. I am so blessed to have great men in my life who have been a guiding force and strength to me.  I love you each so much. 


Also, let’s not forget our loving Heavenly Father, who gives us life and everything in it for our benefit, blessing, and eternal growth.


Make it a MARVELOUS day!

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!


Grow through life

Make it a MARVELOUS day!

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pink robbins

And, in my opinion, it’s not about being ahead of everyone else, but knowing that I’m trying, that I’m doing my best, and working toward what I want to accomplish. That’s loads better than not trying at all.

Make it happen.

Make it a marvelous day!

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