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I’m feeling good about this new year. I feel calm, open, and hopeful. I want to make the most of each day, be brave, take chances, seize opportunities, learn, grow, stretch, and bloom (which, incidentally, is my word for the year).

Welcome 2020!

Let’s have some fun!



Instead of making a list of resolutions, this year I chose a word; two, actually. I read a post by Melinda Gates on Instagram about adopting a word of the year – one that encapsulates my wishes for the next 12 months and it got me thinking…

What word best describes my goals for 2019?

After a few days of self-reflection and pondering, I came up with:



Yes, those are my words.

I want to live with purpose and I want to live my purpose, and my purpose is to create.  I actually feel that everyone’s purpose is to create, our lives being our single greatest creation.

My goal creating Susiebloom has always been to motivate and inspire others to bloom and growth through life by sharing positive bits of wisdom and wit, photography, art, and music.

I like having a word (or two) of the year. They’re on my mind daily and I think that’s actually helping me live more mindfully and use my time more constructively than I would be otherwise.  Wahoo!

If you decide to choose a word for this year, I hope it helps you, too!


Make it a MARVELOUS year!


BEE You!  BEE Happy!


Grow through life

Make it a MARVELOUS day!

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Happy Father’s Day to all the marvelous men out there who make this world a better place by being kind, strong, supportive, loving, responsible, helpful, honest, and good.

Thank you! You are appreciated!


And, a special “shout out” to my own wonderful husband, John, my own dear dad, Tom, my father-in-law, George, step-dad, Ken, and Halvey, who has been my “other dad” so often. I am so blessed to have great men in my life who have been a guiding force and strength to me.  I love you each so much. 


Also, let’s not forget our loving Heavenly Father, who gives us life and everything in it for our benefit, blessing, and eternal growth.


Make it a MARVELOUS day!

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