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At Any Given Moment…

At any given moment our lives can flip upside down and change our world…and it’s never the same.  That’s precisely why it’s so important to appreciate and enjoy each day, even the miserable, icky days, because things can always be more miserable and icky in some way.  

My cousin is fighting cancer.  My father-in-law is in ICU this morning.  My mom lost her job last week.  Life is full of unpleasant surprises.  Fortunately, for me, my life has been full of more pleasant than unpleasant and I am so very, very grateful for that blessing.  I have been through some hard things that have taken me to what feels like my limit but I’m still here and I’m happy I haven’t given up.  There’s more to come.  Life IS beautiful.  Each new day is truly a gift. It’s also a struggle…a really hard struggle for many.  

Love.  Compassion.  Faith.  Hope.  Service.  

Peel away the frivolous, vain, distracting things of this world and it’s easier to see what matters most in life.  Take a minute today.  Take more than a minute, actually.  Ask yourself what matters to you, who matters to you.  If you’re not sure, dig deeper. Maybe some things need to change if your life doesn’t seem very beautiful to you.  Be honest with yourself.  I’ve found it to be pretty helpful.

Amidts the struggle, strife and sorrow, I believe God wants us to enjoy our lives and this beautiful earth he created for us to live them on.  He hopes we’ll learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.  He hopes we’ll turn to Him for help and strength, comfort and peace and follow the example of His Loving Son, Jesus Christ, repenting and forgiving and progressing as we grow.

Make today beautiful for yourself and others.

Love you ~ Susiebloom     



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