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Nestled Within the Pain

Still kneeling next to my nightstand after praying this morning, I picked up a small book by Heather Horrocks that a friend loaned me recently called, “Women Who Knew The Mortal Messiah”.  I opened it seeking words of comfort.  I found them.  As I began to read from the top of page 128 I soon realized I was reading about Mary Magdalene.


She has just seen the resurrected Lord while crying near his empty tomb.  He counsels her to touch him not because He has not yet risen to his Father.  He came to comfort her.  She is the first to see Him after his death.  She wants Him to stay but knows He must go, receive his full glory, and take his place at his Father’s side.  She wonders, “How can I let Him leave again?  Please, my God, give me the strength to do Thy will.  I must say goodbye, yet in my woman’s heart alone I cannot find the way.”

She knows at once that God has heard her plea, for an overwhelming sense of peace fills her.  With this added strength beyond her own, she is able to force her voice not to waver and say she’s ready though she might never be.  Once He leaves, the Holy Spirit sweeps through her entire body, filling her with the truth.  This is her confirmation that what Jesus prophesied has come to pass.  He has gone, ascended to His Father.  Her knees weaken and she kneels to thank God for this last moment with the Lord.

Last I read, “I am alone, yet peace grows in my heart, nestled within the pain.  I am alone, yet I know I will never truly be alone again, for God comforts me.”

In this life, because of the love of God and Jesus Christ, we can feel peace grow in our hearts ~ nestled within the pain ~ and know we’re never alone.


Love you ~ Susiebloom

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