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Scoop of Life

I recently read, “Add life to your days, not days to your life.”  That’s nice, but, can’t I have both?  I’d like lots of days in my life and lots of life in my days.  ;0)

Yesterday, I had the unexpected opportunity to add a big, heaping scoop of life to my day when I went up in my friend’s airplane!  What a FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!  I’m hooked!  I want to go again!  And again!  And again!  It was thrilling, and surprisingly relaxing, to be a few thousand feet in the air, taking in 60 miles of familiar farmland and beaches in one glance.  The lovely central coast of California.  My home.  Everything looked orderly and systematic…and, of course, much smaller.   Weather permitting (which it was), it offers a vast, clear, unobstructed view as far as the eye can see.  Life is peaceful from above.

I felt safe and in very capable hands.  Aside from a few, fleeting thoughts of engine failure and plummeting to my death, I felt calm, cool and collected.  I even got to “fly” it!  Apparently, I’m a natural!  ;0)  The ability to fly an aircraft is such an awesome skill!  While it seems to require an adventurous, daring spirit, a good pilot is sagacious.  I can’t wait to go up again!  Thank you, Chuck and Peggy, for an unforgettable time!

Now, I’m not saying every day has to be a plane ride to be full of life.  No. There’s plenty of LIFE in the little and big things happening each day.  Here’s to making every moment count, today and every day…and appreciating the times when we get to fly a bit higher for a while.

Love ~ Susiebloom







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