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Seize THIS day!

So, how are you doing with your GOALS?  I’m doing pretty good.  I haven’t quite gotten my diet back to where I want it to be; still weaning out chocolate and trimming back portion sizes, but progress is being made each day.  I have worked out every day this week, however.  Wahoo!  I am always amazed by how little time it takes (2-3 weeks) to lose strength, flexibility and endurance capabilities!  Consistency is KEY in any workout regime!  My muscles are screaming at me but it’s part of  reconditioning.  I’m very happy with my efforts!  I feel a little like an engine that’s been left to sit too long; choking and sputtering a bit, initially, but getting revved.  I hope you’re getting revved also and making progress toward the goals you have set for yourself this year.  As far as I’m concerned, the entire month of January is the ‘get in gear month‘!  Remember, a little progress is still progress and…it’s all part of the process.  

Yesterday is over, tomorrow’s not here yet, so…


Make it GREAT!  Love you!

~ Susiebloom

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