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Hi!  I’m Susie, the creator of Susiebloom.  

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I was born in the USA and have lived most of my life on the central coast of California.  I love life and this amazing, beautiful world.  I love to sing, write, create and take pictures…lots and lots of pictures.  I love music and dancing, movies, theater, hiking, good books, game nights, porch swings, road trips, old pick-up trucks, and ’68 Camaros.  I relish new experiences and hope to travel the world.  I love spending time with family and friends but cherish alone time, too.  I enjoy helping others, never want to stop learning and hold myself to high standards.  My faith in God and my desire to live the teachings of Jesus Christ has shaped my existence and brought me tremendous peace, joy, strength and inspiration.  I love all things that motivate goodness, growth and blooming.



I’ve always been a happy gal, looking at the brighter side of life and trying to help others do the same.  When I began my blog in 2013 I simply wanted to spread a little sunshine on line, but my purpose evolves a little every day.  Blooming is a life-long process; a journey of growth and change, and even though change can be uncomfortable, it’s the only way we can reach our greatest potential and enjoy life to the fullest.  


“It’s vital to be GROWING through your life

        rather than going through your life.” 

                                                       Wally Amos


I love that quote! I’m trying to grow through life and not just go through life, and I hope to encourage you to do the same by sharing positive bits of wisdom, beautiful photography, quirky art, and music that motivates…or simply makes you smile, laugh, and love life a little more.


“Everyone can find a way to keep changing for the better-to keep growing and flourishing.”

                                                     Martha Stewart

Bloom where you are planted.

Make it a MARVELOUS day!

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